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South Seattle Chiropractors Cover All the Bases!

Serving South Seattle chiropractic patients for over three decades, Rainier Valley Chiropractic, P.S. is the established and experienced leader, offering a wide variety of services with a wellness and family orientation.

With four members of the Butters family working here, Rainier Valley Chiropractic, P.S. is clearly committed to family! In fact, pediatric chiropractic and, in particular, neurodevelopmental disorders in children, are among our specialties. In addition, we provide care for auto- and work related injuries, as well as general recovery and wellness care.

As South Seattle chiropractors we have four core values here at Rainier Valley Chiropractic; Compassion, Integrity, Community & Wellness. Our mission is to operate with compassion and integrity to bring wellness to our community.”

{PRACTICE NAME} TeamFor patients looking for a chiropractor in South Seattle, Rainier Valley Chiropractic offers three chiropractors with different specialties, as well as massage therapy and nutrition counseling to empower our patients to find the optimal health they are entitled to.

Call us today to tap into your capacity for true health!

Rainier Valley Chiropractic
Serving South Seattle, Rainier and Columbia City residents!