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South Seattle Chiropractic : We Can Help

Rainier Valley Chiropractic has two chiropractors, and as you can probably guess… they have their own favorite types of cases and admitting complaints! As South Seattle Chiropractors our most rewarding cases involve…

Headaches, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Low Back & Leg Pain

We can help people of all ages here in our South Seattle Chiropractic office

Dr. David Butters loves working with people who suffer from headaches and neck and shoulder pain and low back and leg pain. Not only does Dr. David Butters have a personal connection to these conditions, but he also feels that these conditions respond quickly and favorably!

Weekend Warriors

Dr. Natasha Butters loves her Weekend Warriors! What is a Weekend Warrior? A Weekend Warrior is anyone who pretty much only “plays” on the weekends and when they do play, they play hard!!! Do you head up to the mountains and hike 20 miles on the weekend? Or maybe you like to ride your bike 40 miles on the weekend? If you tend to overdo it over the weekend and feel it come Monday…you are exactly the kind of patient Dr. Natasha Butters loves working with here in our South Seattle chiropractic office!

Give our South Seattle chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment so we can help you and your family!

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