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Chiropractor in South Seattle :
Introducing the Doctors of Rainier Valley Chiropractic

Dr. David Butters

Chiropractor in South Seattle, Dr. David Butters

Dr. David Butters

Dr. Butters is a 1973 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. He is the founder and owner of Rainier Valley Chiropractic, P.S., which he established in 1977. His 37 plus years of active chiropractic practice have involved all aspects of Chiropractic care, including auto accident, on the job injury, as well as general acute, corrective and preventative maintenance care for adults and children.

Professional Chiropractic Associations

Dr. Butters served by governor appointment through the Washington State Department of Health, on the Chiropractic Disciplinary Board and the Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission, serving terms as the chairperson of both the board and commission. He is a member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association, currently serving as board member, and chairman of the governmental relations committee. He is the chairman of the Washington State Chiropractic Trust; Washington State’s chiropractic political action committee. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of Washington, and the Board of Regents of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. He is also a member and Fellow of the International Chiropractor’s Association.

On a personal note…

Dr. Butters and his wife, Judy (office manager at Rainier Valley Chiropractic) have been married for over 37 years and have four daughters: Keely, Natasha, Tiffany and Tess. They joyfully welcomed their first grandchild, Zoey (daughter of Dr. Tiffany Green) born January 9th, 2011. In Dr. and Mrs. Butters free time they enjoy hiking, fishing, weekend outings, short trips to explore new places, and spending time with their kids and granddaughter Zoey.

After 37 years of practice here at our South Seattle chiropractic office; Dr. Butters’ enthusiasm and excitement for what he does continues to grow. This enthusiasm and excitement has encouraged two of his four daughters to pursue careers in chiropractic. Dr. Tiffany Green and Dr. Natasha Butters joined their father’s practice in 2009 and 2010.

Dr. Natasha Butters

Chiropractor in South Seattle, Dr. Natasha Butters

Dr. Natasha Butters

Dr. Natasha M. Butters joined Rainier Valley Chiropractic in May 2010. She became the fourth member of the Butters family in the clinic, along with her father, Dr. Dave Butters, sister, Dr. Tiffany (Butters) Green, and Office Manager Judy Butters.

Dr. Natasha initially received a degree in graphic design from Cornish College of the Arts in 2002, and then moved to California with the intent of pursuing graphic design work. But her career path changed after working at Hayward’s Life Chiropractic College West – first as an information desk assistant and then as a college recruiter, attending college fairs nationwide on behalf of Life Chiropractic College West.

Passion for Chiropractic

Talking with prospective students about chiropractic reinforced her passion for the chiropractic field. In fact, her success in recruiting attracted the attention of a college she recruited at and they attempted to recruit her to recruit for them. Realizing that the reason for her success was her belief and excitement in what she was presenting (Chiropractic), she decided to become a Life West student herself, starting her chiropractic education in 2004.

After graduating with a doctor of chiropractic degree in 2008, Dr. Natasha Butters returned to Washington State. She worked with Dr. Randy Baze, at Baze Chiropractic in Renton, before joining other family members at Rainier Valley Chiropractic in 2010.

On a Personal Note

Dr. Natasha Butters and her husband enjoy traveling, exploring Seattle cuisine, and entertaining friends and family. She is a board member of the Rainier Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

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