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What to Expect

Your First Visit

Your first visit at our office is the longest one. This is when we will collect all of the information necessary to take care of you. You can expect to spend about an hour to an hour and a half in our office.


First, you’ll need to fill out some forms to help us get to know you and understand your specific situation. Intake forms may vary, for example, if you’ve been involved in an auto accident or on the job injury, those forms will ask additional related questions. You can save time by downloading these forms and filling them out prior to your first visit, if you wish.



Together, we’ll review your intake forms and health history to make sure we understand your health concerns thoroughly. Then, there’s a hands-on and observational component to the examination. This is where we observe your posture and palpate (feel) your spine and associated tissues for signs of tenderness, tightness, swelling, etc. that are consistent with spinal joint restrictions, misalignments and nerve irritation, which we refer to as spinal subluxations.

We also perform spinal flexibility testing by measuring your ability to move your spine in normal planes of motion. In some cases, other orthopedic or neurological tests may be performed to further understand your presenting condition. This is an important process to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for your individual situation.

Spinal X-Rays

Spinal x-rays are used by a chiropractor to assess the condition/integrity (health) of your spine, revealing possible complicating factors or contraindications to care. They help us to determine which adjusting techniques or methods are most appropriate for you. X-rays are also like a blueprint of your spine. They provide significant biomechanical and postural detail that can help us achieve better outcomes with our care.

Your First Adjustment

Following the gathering and review of information through our history, examination and x-ray findings, it is our goal on that initial visit to provide your first spinal adjustment. We know that relief is appreciated sooner rather than later. Also, on your initial or first follow-up visit, we will share with you your examination and x-ray findings and discuss our recommendations for care.

Contact us today to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue.

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